Moore St Roundabout

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Moore st was one of our first roundabouts to be cycle-ised and is showing its age. The subways are too narrow, the turns are too acute and the sightlines are poor. There are personal safety issues in the evening (although having cyclists come through on a regular basis makes it safer for pedestrians) and there is poor connectivity with the rest of the city in some directions. One desire line is from Waitrose car park which involves going up a pedestrian ramp, crossing the access road and then going down the cycle lane in the wrong direction into a blind corner. There is no clear way to get from the roundabout to the Sharrow/Heeley area, and the route onto Moore St towards Ecclesall Rd dumps you into a bus stop on the dual carriageway - as you continue towards Ecclesall Rd you have contend with a sliproad onto Summerfield St with traffic theoretically decelererating from 40 to 30 but often doing higher speeds than that. A parallel cycle route through the Wards Brewery site is hard to access and has several roads crossing it with no priority for cyclists or pedestrians.

Long-term solution:-

Fill the thing in and put in a dutch-style roundabout with proper crossings

Short-term solutions?


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