Filter to prevent rat running on Parsonage Crescent

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Added by Sam Wakeling

Through traffic drives along South Road and goes down Parsonage Crescent as a short-cut to access Walkley Bank Road rather than going down to the turn opposite The Florist.

On an evening peak this is done by about 1/3 of all the outbound traffic on South Road (220 out of 670 motor vehicles per hour). In the evening peak cycle traffic is almost exclusively outbound, with 87% using this route from South Road and down Parsonage Crescent.

Stopping motor access to the top of Parsonage Crescent would remove traffic from this narrow residential street and also create a safe and convenient way for people cycling to access South Road up from the Rivelin direction without needing to cycle up Walkley Road, crossing the difficult turn at The Florist, which has heavy traffic and no protected space.

As with all routing of motor traffic away from a route of maximum convenience it should show some level of traffic evaporation from the area. The current pedestrian crossing on this arm could be removed as no motor traffic would have to be crossed.


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