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  • Barnsley Road widening - "Better Buses"

    Created by Dexter Johnstone // 1 thread

    It can take vehicles more than 8 minutes to travel the 600m of Barnsley Road between Earl Marshall Road and Orphanage Road. See the proposed changes below. Let us know what you think by Friday 13th May 2016.
    There will be a new lay-by at the Orphanage Road bus stop (on Barnsley Road) so buses using it don't block the road.
    We will widen Barnsley Road and provide right-turn lanes in the middle at the junctions with Scott Road and Firshill Avenue. This will allow traffic to pass by right-turners. Buses will also be able to turn into Scott Road more easily and safely.
    We will alter the pedestrian crossing point, speed cushions and bus stops on Scott Road to allow for the Barnsley Road changes. There will be some additional double yellow lines to help traffic there to keep moving.
    Some parking would be removed on Scott Road, but our surveys indicate that there will be enough parking between Passhouses Road and Barnsley Road for the number of vehicles that are usually parked.

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