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  • Dangerous unsignalled crossing of Rutland Road on Penistone Road cycle path

    Created by Sam Wakeling // 1 thread

    The off-road cycle path along Penistone Road requires you to cross Rutland Road in two stages with no signalled phase. It is a large multi-lane junction and difficult to determine whether approaching motor traffic is about to turn across your path. It is also especially difficult and dangerous to attempt a dash across a large road between motor traffic phases from a standing start on a bike.

    A toucan crossing and realignment to straighten out the current dog-leg between crossing stages would greatly improve safety on the Penistone Road cycle path at this point.

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  • Donetsk Way tram accidents / off road cycle path?

    Created by Dexter Johnstone // 1 thread

    There have been a number of accidents where the tram lines curve across the road on Donetsk Way as it is not possible to cross them at right angles.

    There is just grass and hedges on either side of the road and so it would be quite easy to install off road cycle paths along Donetsk Way.

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  • off road cycle path along Langsett Road?

    Created by Dexter Johnstone // 1 thread

    the off road cycle path along Infirmary Road which currently ends at the Junction with Whitehouse Lane could be extended along Langsett Road on the left hand side of the road as you go away from town towards Hillsborough. At the moment there is just a grass verge from Primrose Hill to Bamford Street.

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  • accessing off road cycle path

    Created by Dexter Johnstone // 1 thread

    When cycling towards town along Langsett Road it is difficult/hazardous to get to the off road cycle path on the other side of the road which starts on the corner of Infirmary Road/Whitehouse Lane because you need to cross the tram tracks.

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