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  • City Centre Cycle Route

    Created by Dexter Johnstone // 1 thread

    City Centre route currently being designed by Sheffield Council, supposed to be STEP funded.

    This is the info we have so far:

    Portobello – Leopold
    Current provision does not offer a consistent high quality route To create a high quality Dutch style cycle route between City Centre and University This will form part of the City Centre cycle network.

    To create cycle street i.e. a street where cyclists have priority and motor vehicles are 'guests'. This to follow line of existing (westerly) cycle route on Portobello St.

    Issues to be looked at/Initial thoughts
    Crossing Mappin St – bicycle priority, may require temporary protection until motorists get accustomed to the idea
    Crossing Rockingham Street – to be determined refer to CROW standards
    Trippet Lane –point closure opposing one-way for motorised vehicles west of Bailey Street, allows access to businesses unloading etc. and parking remains on eastern side of closure (between Bailey Lane and Leopold Street)

    Portobello St

    • Remove contra flow cycle lane
    • No road closure to enable access for emergency vehicles if necessary
    • 2 Disabled Parking spaces to remain
    • Access to University car park from Orange St remains the same.
    Access to existing small businesses to remain the same

    Bailey Street existing “no right turn” into Broad Lane to be removed

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